Barney and Dee Hodges and David and Eunice Van Vleck began planting Sunrise Orchards in 1974 with a shared vision to plant a high-density, wholesale apple farm.  Barney had been raised in Virginia on his family’s farm, growing apples and raising cattle. Over the next 25 years the Hodges raised 3 children, Georgia, Kate and young Barney and grew the orchard to produce almost 100,000 bushels each year.

In 1998, their youngest child, Barney III came back to the farm and began to work alongside his father, learning the intricacies of growing apples and also beginning to transform his family’s farm from a strictly wholesale venture into a multi-faceted, apple growing, apple storage, apple packing and apple distribution business.  Barney’s wife, Christiana now works at the orchard and they live on the farm not far from Barney and Dee, raising their three children, Sophie, Sam and Malia.

We love our farm and are reminded every day of our deep connection to the land.

(Photo © 2016 Brett Simison)