Our Mission

At Sunrise Orchards our mission is to grow the “amazing!” apple; an apple which puts a proclamation into the eater’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  We do this through a commitment to quality, the environment and community that embody our forward-thinking Vermont farm.

Our Core Values

Integrity:  Sunrise Orchards values good relationships.

Whether it is with our customers, employees or vendors, we believe that an honest, fair and open form of communication is the only way to do business and resonates in everything we do.  The satisfaction that comes with our service, our philosophy and ultimately our apples make Sunrise Orchards the producer that people want to do business with.

Quality:  “That was an amazing apple!”- Our commitment to quality.

At Sunrise Orchards, we strive for an outstanding eating experience.  This is a result of careful attention to winter pruning, innovative growing practices, skilled staff committed to harvesting and packing techniques focused on quality, dedication to the best apple storage practices possible and a distribution system that maintains the integrity of the fruit all the way to the consumer.  We believe that this entire process is the best way to the most enjoyable eating experience.

Innovation: We strive to be forward thinking in everything we do.

Sunrise Orchards is committed to creative solutions for the modern day farm.  Technology, progressive growing practices and outside the box thinking personifies Sunrise’s approach to the farming, the environment and problem solving in today’s business world.  This has created the platform necessary to sustain a family farm socially, environmentally and economically.

Advocates of the food system and stewards of the land:  We are committed to the responsible, efficient, fully accountable operation of our systems and practices knowing that our actions impact the environment and community for generations to come.

We are stewards of the land who have the responsibility to our family, our employees, our community and the earth. We understand our position in the food system and balance this responsibility with the desire of the consumer to have the safest, lowest input, best looking, quality apples possible.