Granny Smith

Granny Smith Apple

Our Granny Smith are slightly smaller than the standard New Zealand supermarket variety, and they sport a pretty rosy blush amidst the bright green. The Granny is a long season apple here in Cornwall, VT and we end up picking it after all other varieties, sometime around mid-November. The Granny is typically a very tart apple and can be…

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JOnagold Apple

The Jonagold is a beautiful apple, with streaks of yellow and red and a creamy, yellow flesh that is perfectly sweet. Eat this apple sliced with cheeses or try making a mild sauce.

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Paula Red

Paula Red Apple

The Paula Red is our earliest apple, harvested around the second and third week of August. It is a beautiful pinky red color and when you bite into it, the red color of the skin stains the bright white flesh. These apples are great for cooking (they produce a bright pink sauce because of the skins) as well as…

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Macoun Apple

The Macoun is a cross between a McIntosh and Cortland and it exhibits the best qualities of both these apples. It is a great cooking apple, but is also one of our favorite apples to pick fresh and eat right off the tree on the way to the bus stop!

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Honey Crisp Apple

The Honeycrisp is a cross between a Macoun and a Honey Gold. We have been raising Honeycrisp here at Sunrise for 10 years and have seen higher and higher interest each year. The Honeycrisp is a delectable apple that seems to appeal to all tasters, but especially kids. At home, we eat this apple sliced fresh with peanut butter,…

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McIntosh Apple

The McIntosh is a popular and versatile apple. It can be used successfully in baking, sauce, or cider and is equally enjoyed fresh. The fine textured flesh is white and the taste is crispy and tart with a hint of sweetness. The skin is smooth red with areas of bright green.

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Empire Apple

The Empire is a beautiful, dark red apple with a creamy, juicy flesh that is reminiscent of the McIntosh. The Empire is a cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh and the fruit exhibits qualities of both. The shape, durability and coloring stem from the Delicious and the crispy, tart flavor comes from the McIntosh side of the family. This…

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Cortland Apple

The Cortland is historically a superb baking apple, although it is very good eaten fresh as well. The Flesh is bright white with a sweet aroma that resists browning when cut. The skin is deep red with dark red stripes and yellow-green showing through- a beautiful apple! The Cortland is tender, crisp, juicy and sweet. It is excellent used…

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