Growing Practices

Our Growing Practices

2021 Pick Your Own & Farm Stand


August 28-October 31


Open Daily


Join us for hot soup and cider on Saturday and Sunday, October 23 and 24. It will be our last weekend to pick your own in the orchards. Come by and view the spectacular colors and stock up on late season varieties! The farm stand is open through the last weekend of October.


Week of 10/18-24

Empire, Cortland, Golden Russet, Macoun, Esopus Spitzenburg AND Honeycrisp

Ready for PYO and Pre-picked along with fresh apple pies, turnovers, cider and donuts at the farmstand!

We are passionate about growing apples.

Prioritizing healthy soils, waterways and workers | Encouraging beneficial insects

At Sunrise Orchards we prioritize the health of our soils, waterways, and workers, and encourage beneficial insect species in the control of pests. We gather information about our trees, specifically the insects and fungi that live on the leaves and how the weather interacts with these populations. Every growing season is different and is a new opportunity to research the biology of the orchard and how it interacts with climate change, weather, and human impact. Sunrise Orchards is part of the Eco-Apple program, and we are third party certified by the IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Institute of North America. In practice, IPM means climbing trees, inspecting leaves, monitoring trap captures and many long walks down the long rows, listening to the insects, the weather patterns and the plants all creating a chorus of sound. We are stewards of this land and put a priority on working with the wild inhabitants of our orchards!

We are a GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified farm since 2010 and are third-party certified by IPM Institute of North America since 2005.

Proud Member of Eco Fruit by Red Tomato
Certified byUSDA Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)
Certified by Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Institute of North America

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