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There are many other jobs other than IPM work that need to be done in order for us to raise a crop of apples.  During the winter months (Nov.- Apr.), our pruning crew works its ways through one third to one half of our orchard, pruning out deadwood and shaping the trees in order to increase light in the interior of the tree and increase the productivity of the tree.

Once the trees have started budding in late April and early May, brush needs to be pushed out of the rows and burn piles are started. During bloom, which is usually about mid-May, we bring in 150 hives to maximize the opportunity for pollination.  The bloom lasts about 5 days and we hope for warm, sunny weather so that pollinators want to come out and fly.  

For the rest of the summer, mowing is done in the drive rows, sprays are applied when needed and many other projects are completed in preparation for harvest.   

Where do the apples go once they are picked?

Many of our apples are sold within days of picking, during the fall months.  In order to have apples to deliver throughout the winter, we store many bushels in our facility in Shoreham, VT, Vermont Refrigerated Storage.


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