Red Tomato / Eco-Apple

Red Tomato’s mission is connecting farmers and consumers through marketing, trade, and education, and a passionate belief that a family-farm, locally-based, ecological, fair trade food system is the way to a better tomato (or apple for that matter).  Red Tomato coordinates marketing, sales and wholesale logistics for a network of over 40 family farm in the Northeast. We have been working with Red Tomato since 2000 and very much value not only the prices they are able to get for our apples, but also the research on growing that they are able to fund.

Vermont Refrigerated Storage

Our storage facility in Shoreham, Vermont is approximately twenty minutes away from the orchard hub, and is the home to thousands of bushels of apples during the winter months. Vermont Refrigerated Storage is also run by one of our two solar arrays, located directly behind the facility.

Our Partners

During our many years in Vermont, we have come to know other growers and cideries, collaborating with them in various endeavors. These are our current partners, and we hope to continue to collaborate with other local businesses!

Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association
Eden Specialty Ciders
Citizen Cider
Red Tomato
Vermont Cider Company
Bee the Change
Shacksbury Cider

We are a GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Certified farm since 2010 and are third party certified by IPM Institute of North America since 2005.